A Message from Matt Cavanaugh,

Founder and Executive Director

People who’ve known me since I was young weren’t really surprised when I ended up with a career that allowed me to interact closely with animals on a daily basis.  I’ve always been fascinated by, and connected to, animals.  When I first started working with horses, I discovered the profound and special bond that can form between horse and human.


When horses welcome you into their world — into the herd — it is without reservation.  Once you gain their trust, a horse will wholeheartedly and willingly do pretty much whatever you ask of them; taking on physical tasks, overcoming fears, and placing their well-being in your hands. They accept you as another horse, and that’s a very amazing experience.


All of us — not just equestrians, but anyone who’s ever appreciated a horse pulling a sleigh, running a race, or carrying us on a trail ride — have an obligation give back to these noble creatures who have given us so much.  Sadly, horses are too often forgotten, mistreated, or neglected.  


Every horse deserves a safe, comfortable, and secure future.  I believe this passionately and that is why I founded Pleasant Valley Horse Foundation.  If you share this sentiment, please help us in any way you can.


Warm regards,


— Matt