What We Do


When PVHF learns of a horse that needs rescuing, we step in to provide an immediate refuge, then begin our expert evaluation and assessment process. Once we have a horse at the ranch, Matt Cavanaugh, Executive Director of PVHF, and his team evaluate each horse’s physical health and condition, confirmation, temperament, prior training and ability, to best determine the best way to help the horse.


After the horse has been evaluated, rehab starts as the horse’s need dictates. This can include: veterinary care, physical conditioning, or retraining with a future role in mind.  Matt is especially skilled at making any horse calmer, more responsive, and easier to manage.


Once a horse is ready for adoption, PVHF works with its network of horse professionals and amateur owners to find the best possible match for a permanent home. We are experienced with aligning the needs of the person with the potential of a horse, and will only place a horse in a new home if we feel it is right for both the horse and the adopter.


For some older or hard-to-place horses, the best thing for them is to stay with us.  Retired horses at PVHF receive all the care they need while enjoying the serenity of our beautiful, 140 acres in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.  We provide access to pastures and stables, special diets if necessary, plus daily attention and love.  They socialize in small groups with similarly situated horses, which reduces anxiety and loneliness.

End of life decisions are always be handled with the upmost compassion, with the horse’s quality of life as our only priority.  For these concerns, we rely on the counsel of our equine professionals on our Board of Directors.